Demetri Martin – Material Enhancers (Flip charts)

Demetri Martin is an Emmy Award-nominated American comedian, and writer. In this video clip he uses the flip charts as visual enhancers

Here is his another flip chart clip: “Findings”

UPS Whiteboard Advertising Campaign Hat tip Kevin

Garr Reynolds has a nice post on using the flip chart

4 responses to “Demetri Martin – Material Enhancers (Flip charts)

  1. Hey – great blog. I found this cool virtual translator demo. Check it out!

    Type anything you want and an animated character will translate it and speak in another language!

    For more demos go here:

  2. artofspeaking

    Thanks Vic. I have added another demo – text to speech Pronunciation tool

  3. Another really funny but useful video thanks. I might just use some of these little ideas when I’m running my next workshop!

  4. artofspeaking

    Hi Scott,

    You are right, there are a few ideas we can use. One very useful tip I learned from Zen’s reader is folding the corner of every page to help separate the charts.


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